What are the Banefits to ISO 14001:2015

For any organization, I stress any organization to be able to claim that they have an environmental management system or EMS that conforms to standards specified by the globally recognized international organization for standard or ISO.

The 2015 revision of the standard has a high-level structure almost identical to ISO 9001 2015 for quality management which makes it easy and desirable to integrate environmental and quality policies objectives and processes into one management system.

what are the benefits to conformance or certification to the ISO 14001 2015 standard?

Here are 9 or 10 benefits in no particular order an organization can increase its control over its impact on the environment through responsible corporate stewardship corporate image and credibility and branding will be enhanced by the public assertion of conformance to ISO 14001 2015 or better still certification of conformance by an accredited third-party certification body.

Customer satisfaction within the supply chain will be increased through greater confidence in the organization’s environmental management legal and regulatory awareness is enhanced throughout the organization and the risk of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations is reduced as a matter of policy, an organization regularly seeks to identify new opportunities for cost savings through efficiencies.

For example, energy and water raw material and waste disposal formerly identifying and dealing with risk enhances the organization’s physical and financial protection against environmental mishaps.

Top management can effectively address its risks and opportunities by integrating environmental management into the organization’s business processes strategic direction and decision making aligning them with other business priorities and incorporating environmental governance into its overall management system by combining with ISO 9001.

There is increased management control through a single integrated and holistic quality and environmental management system there is increased staff awareness and involvement in care of the environment last but definitely not least the organization contributes to a better environment locally regionally and globally.