What is a pre-shipment inspection? | what is Pre-shipment Inspection

What is a pre-shipment inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection PSI also called the quality control of the final end or random inspection FRI will take place in cardboard boxes for export. However, you can specify when booking online, if you can specify when booking online, if you want 100% of the products to be ready for inspection, the proposed Pre-Shipment inspection to be carried out in the factory, or in some cases, could even take place on the premises of the company and the dock.

What we check During a PSI?

During the Pre-Shipment in UAE or Elsewhere at inspectioncertificates.com we cover all possible file trials of their products: Appearance (AQL), Labor, Safety and Functionality, Quantity, Variety, Color/Measurement/W accessories, Labeling, and logos, packing, and other special requirements you may have,

What is the benefit of a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

We’re here to help you make the best decision. Pre-Shipment Inspection in UAE and Pakistan is the last chance to stay on top of things, If the goods are not acceptable, you can with our help stop the process of sending and challenging your provider directly, no surprises when you received the goods.