Three main inspections which must you should do.

Three main inspections which must you should do.

There are lot of types of inspections are there but here now I request you must do these three inspections, the first one is home inspection the second one is termite inspection and the last but not leas is raid on inspection.

The home inspection is to really do our due diligence on the home that you’ve picked. we are looking for any type of major defects that may be within the home the electrical system the plumbing the roof the foundation the H VAC system. Those types of things we are looking to make sure that they’re running and functioning properly, and if they’re not we can start going into another negotiation process, which we call inspection responses.

The next set the termite which is obvious we’re just kind of looking for any termite damage any termites are in there and a lot of times the loan program that you’re in will require termite report for it. So we just have the termite inspection done.

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes in through the foundation and lot of times pockets in basements and what we’ll do is, we’ll actually place a box in there to read the air quality within the thing for about 48 to 72 hours and then take a reading in an average of the radon Levels. if there is radon it’s not really a huge deal because the fix is pretty simple what we’ll do is? I will drill a hole into the foundation throw some PVC pipe through it and throw a fan into your attic and that way it circulates the air from underneath the house out and above the house and that usually takes care of the problem these three main inspections will allow especially the home inspection to get you rid from these main problems

The end of the process that way you can go through and make sure that you understand what we put on our report. A lot of times take you through show you where the water shutoff valve is the furnace filters. Those types of things and kind of just go over what we thinks of the house so when you’re actually scheduling the inspections. so you do not need be with us, you just have to let us enter and show us the complete home and the rest work will be our headache

if we cannot come up with that type of time within our time frames then discuss it with me and we’ll set up something to wear either We’ll be there or we can come back after the fact in the home inspector will take you through later.